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3 Simple Exercises Pregnant Women Can Do At Home.
Image courtesy. Ways a pregnant women can keep fit while at home.

3 Simple Exercises Pregnant Women Can Do At Home. 

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to a woman’s body and sometimes most women try to find ways to regulate their emotions, keep up with their increased feeding or lack of it and for some, especially the fitness junkies, they try to find safe ways they can incorporate exercises. However, below, you will find ways in which a pregnant woman can keep up with her fitness journey.

While there is no common standard on how all women should feel when pregnant, it is important to evaluate yourself and work with your doctor before thinking of trying out exercising because there are women with underlying health issues and any strain during the pregnancy term can lead to a miscarriage or pain.

Tanya Kim Bress is a wellness specialist and master personal trainer for more than 30 years and she shares simple exercises a pregnant woman can incorporate especially now that everyone is expected to be home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kim Bress is a wellness specialist and master personal trainer
Tanya Kim Bress is a wellness specialist and master personal trainer

So, can a pregnant woman exercise in the first place considering how delicate she is and in what condition she is in?

‘’Yes a pregnant woman can definitely exercise because it helps with lowering the blood pressure and helps stimulate the metabolism and circulation of the blood and helps relieve the excess water in the ladies legs and body.’’ Explains Tanya Kim Bress, a wellness specialist.

While most may find it hard to think of exercising, simple non strenuous exercises are actually recommended for all pregnant women unless one has health concerns and cautioned against exercising by a doctor. But what kind of simple exercises can one try while at home?

  1. Try Cycling or Swimming

If you can, you can try cycle short distances or swim or do any low impact exercises. Swimming can help strengthen the heart muscles and can also help improve oxygen delivery to the muscles.

If you can swim, this will help strengthen your shoulder and abdominal muscles while also helping you reduce high blood pressure and joint stiffness.

When on your first trimester, swimming can actually help you boost your energy level and for some, swimming relieves one from morning sickness especially after an early swim.

  1. Keep walking

This is the most efficient exercise that has requires no equipment or working out machine and it’s free. It can keep you healthy and fit while making you active and alert.

It is one of the most recommended cardiovascular exercises and it can help keep your weight and that of the baby in check. It helps reduce stress brought about by hormonal changes that result in depression and mood swings.

  1. Dance to your favourite beat.

Music is the medicine to the soul and what a better way to exercise than dancing to your favourite music. This will help you tone your muscles when you stretch or maintain same dancing styles and depending on the pace of the music, this is a good way to enjoy a cardio vascular exercise.

However, it is also important for any pregnant woman to exercise safely and with guidance from a health trainer or exercise instructor dedicated enough and with her doctor’s permission until two to three weeks to the delivery date as long as the pregnant woman does not elevate her blood pressure higher than 140 beats per minute and as long as her doctor approves it.

It is important to let your doctor know the kind of exercises you are doing every time you go for check up and he/she can advise you if you should keep on or halt them at once.

A pregnant woman can also do toning exercises for her entire body at home but with the guidance of a health practitioner or after getting consent from her doctor.

This could be doing things like outer thigh toning exercises, glute lifts on a mat with one knee bent on the mat and on elbows facing prone position and the inner thigh toning exercises safely.

Image Courtesy. One simple exercise one can try
Image Courtesy. One simple exercise one can try.

However, at all costs, one should avoid abdominal crunches. You can also try incorporating the use of Swiss hall for exercises like squats, that is, against a wall out, with a big Swiss ball behind the lower back and squat down with hands in the hips.

It is important to note that if the pregnant woman has high blood pressure or excess fatigue and if her doctor tells her to start relaxing and in bed, she must respect that and stay safe and follow the doctor’s advice.

Always listen to your body and pay keen attention to what it tells you. If you feel extra tired and light headed or any other health issue, end the session for that day and tale a break and rest as this will do you more good even as you look forward to the delivery time.

Miss Tanya Kim Bress is a wellness specialist and master personal trainer for over 30 years now. She studied locally and abroad in the USA and has studied Exercise Physiology and Personal Training. She has specialized in Women’s HIT fat burning and sculpting and anti-aging and pre and post natal personal training. She also teaches group training and classes and has been on national television as ‘Gladiator’, the reality show.

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