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Saudi Arabia Officially Allows Women To Play Professional Football
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Saudi Arabia Officially Allows Women To Play Professional Football 

  • Saudi Arabi has allowed their women to play competitive and professional soccer in their country
  • Move comes two years after women were allowed to go to the stadiums to watch the football matches.

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It’s a win for women in Saudi Arabia as they can now officially play professional football.

This is the first time Saudi women soccer players will be allowed to play formation or league football after the Saudi kingdom started it’s first women’s league.

This comes as an added advantage for the Saudi women following the 2018  lift on the ban that saw women allowed to attend football matches in a stadium.

This means that women in that conservative Muslim country can now play professional soccer and this could be a dream come true for the women who may want to pursue soccer as a career.

Globally, there are women who are getting paid for playing soccer for their countries or overseas for other teams.

Some of the top female footballers are Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Marta who is considered the female Neymar, Wendi Renard and Julie Ertz.

Currently, Saudi Arabia is planning on entering their women’s football team in future World Cup tournaments.

Since women were allowed to play, more than 600 of them have signed up for teams based in Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh and are set to compete for various championship cups post the Coronavirus pandemic.

More sportswear companies have also moved to tap this new market as the number of women wearing sportswear in the country is also on the rise.

The country has also formed a department that is set to help women interested in making a career out of playing football for Saudi Arabia.

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