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Must Have Traits For High Value Men: ‘’They are not Pushovers and Unavailable.’’

Must Have Traits For High Value Men: ‘’They are not Pushovers and Unavailable.’’ 

  • Most people define High Value Man as a rich person, but money has almost nothing to do with who he is
  • He is a man who is bold, principled and unavailable
  • He also has traits that make him stand out among the company of other men

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By Lubanga Er

There are many definitions of who a high value man is. Matter of fact, if you asked five people to define the phrase “high value man”, you will get various different answers.

It is even more interesting if you ask a woman what that phrase means. It is just similar to what women define who a real man is.

I double guarantee you that the answer to who a high value man is will point to traits that directly or indirectly benefit her.

Frank Lubanga is a writer and film maker who 's focus is on black kings.Photo credit: Frank Lubanga Er/Facebook.
Lubanga Er is a writer and film maker who ‘s focus is on black kings.Photo credit: Lubanga Er/Facebook.

No, it doesn’t start and end with money. Contrary to the popular narrative, money alone does not qualify one to be high value. There exist traits that make a man a solid high value.

So,what is my definition of a high value man?

A high value man is one who other men want to emulate due to the respect they have for him. He is the man who women want to be with because of the desire they have for him.

The following are some of the characteristics that a high value man must have:


A high value man stands up for what he believes in and is less inclined to worry about what others think of when it comes to his principles.

He speaks and acts upon what he desires or think is right. In doing so, he naturally stands out by thinking and acting unconventionally.

Because of this, he might come off as controversial and or ultimately polarizing.


This is a man who has strong principles that he protects at all cost.The principles give him standards to live up to in order to make sure he is pursuing something meaningful and not just wandering aimlessly.

These principles reinforce his life purpose.

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He knows that without principles, any temptation will hinder him from becoming the man that he wants to be, so he hardly lets any distraction come between him and his principles.


A high-value man is also one whose time is very limited because he is constantly pursuing his purpose.

He understands that he has something to offer and as such, he is very selfish with his time, energy and even resources.

Nonetheless, he understands that other men want to reach his level and women are after his high value attention, all of which are a massive distraction to his purpose.


Knowing that he is the main character of his life, making it difficult for anyone to take advantage of or exploit him.

You will know that he is in charge as soon as you meet him because he is firm and does not hesitate to say no.

They are people who are not assertive and pushovers and spend their lives trying to please others. Perhaps the opposite of being assertive in this context would be a ‘simp’ who basically lives a life of buying acceptability through baseless submission.

Belief in oneself.

High value men believe in themselves and their abilities so much that it is hard to push them out of their mental frame and into an unfamiliar emotional state.

They are the kind of men who know what they bring to the table so they do not engage in sideshows to prove their worth. They simply offer solutions or go where their value is needed.

As mentioned earlier, there is a conglomeration of traits that make a man high value. I would not exhaust all of them here. These are just some that are easily noticeable from a far.

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Lubanga Er is a guest writer. He speaks on men issues. He is also a film maker. Views expressed are his and do not reflect that of The Efficient Woman Magazine.

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