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Tips for Couples Seeking to Rekindle Romance After Having a Baby
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Tips for Couples Seeking to Rekindle Romance After Having a Baby 

  • To rekindle romance after getting a baby is one of the greatest challenges every parenting couple goes through at one point in their relationship.
  • A relationship doesn’t have to get to the point where it’s stale, yet there are ways one can use to rekindle love
  • As much as one is focused on being a parent, it’s important to remember that a partner in the picture also needs attention

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By Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo

Bringing a newborn-born home can be the most wonderful yet life-changing event, and it is no secret that life dramatically changes after having a baby.

Most couples find it hard to rekindle romance after having a child. Photo: Healthline.
Most couples find it hard to rekindle romance after having a child. Photo: Healthline.

The experience is sometimes stressful and challenges even the best of relationships.

This problem faces both first time and experienced parents. More couples end up seeking relationship counselling after having a baby than ever before.

Below are some tips that couples can use to rekindle their romance after having a baby.

  1. Talk about it

Communication is a vital tool even in relationships. With the stress of having a baby, couples need to talk about it.

Couples respond and adjust differently after welcoming the newborn baby, and sometimes this causes misunderstandings.

If you feel angry, upset, resentful and overly overwhelmed, you need to tell your partner.

Be honest about what you need and why because being heard and understood will help you feel better and sane.

Ensure that you spare a few minutes every day where you get to focus on each other and talk.

  1. Spend quality time with each other

Taking care of a baby is no doubt a lot of work. It may seem difficult to make more time for your partner to spend time together.

However, creating that time will trigger all that pent up passion, attraction and also improve your sex life.

You can choose to spend time together with the newborn baby and other children after the child is well-fed and asleep.

During that time, you can do something fun as a couple. It is definitely nice to spend some time together and have a bit of fun.

  1. Go for a date

Caring for a baby can consume almost all your time, and it is important to take care of your relationship.

This is where dates come in. When you feel ready to leave your baby with your family, friend or even baby sitter, go somewhere and spend some quality time with each other.

Not having any alone time with your partner can make you feel less close to them, and that is something you should definitely prevent from happening.

  1. Be intimate

Many couples struggle to find the energy and time to have sex after having a baby, especially in the first few months.

If your sex drive has fallen out of sync, consider scheduling some alone and romantic time with your partner.

For most parents, scheduled sex is the gateway to intimacy. Being intimate is really important in relationships because it is a way to bond and feel connected.

  1. Consider each other as partners.

When you see your significant other as your partner but not as mom and dad, the perspective changes everything.

This does not mean forgetting about the baby, but it is about remembering why you became a couple in the first place.

This will make you realize how much you cherish and love each other as a couple.

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