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4 Factors to Consider Before Going Back to School as A Parent
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4 Factors to Consider Before Going Back to School as A Parent 

  • Going back to school as a parent can be scary because of having to share classes with those younger than you
  • Outlining what you want to achieve by going back to school motivates one more
  • A parent should, however, consider certain things before going back to school   

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By Rosemil Anyango

Many people have opted to further their education to meet the new skills required in the job market or be more marketable for certain jobs.

University students. Photo: Delaware State University.
University students. Photo: Delaware State University.

Adding education to busy schedules and tight budgets can be daunting, but few are always willing to risk everything for their dreams.

Here are some of the benefits parents have should they decide to go back to school:

  1. Higher education correlates to higher earnings.
  2. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for their kids
  3. Sense of satisfaction from achieving a goal
  4. Education advancement provides a chance for career growth

Parents should, however, consider some things before furthering their education. These include:

Time required for the course.

Do your research and find out whether you will be doing a regular programme or part-time.

This will help you schedule your time well so that no area of your life lags.


Higher education has become so much more expensive because of the changing economy.

As a parent, you might be going back to school, working and educating your children as well.

Look through your finances to find out if you can school yourself or whether you will need financial aid like loans or bursaries.


As a parent, your children’s well-being will always be a priority to you, even if you want to advance personally.

Are the children still in dire need of you, or are they somehow independent? Having very young children means seeking a nanny who will take care of him/her in your absence.

Schedule flexibility

Many colleges offer online courses that are easier to manage compared to physical classes.

This, however, depends on whether or not the student has access to the internet, a laptop and much more.

Ensure you have someone who can keep you in check when you are lagging on your studies.

Juggling education, career, and family will not be easy, and you might find difficulties. Someone to lean on will offer help when need be.

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