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Parental Anxiety: 3 Ways Parents Can Affect Their Children
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Parental Anxiety: 3 Ways Parents Can Affect Their Children 

• Parents need to accept that there are times that children will fall, and through that, they will also get to learn
• Parental anxiety affects a child’s development and prevents them from gaining the skills they need to become responsible adults
• When a parent is monitoring everything that child does, it robs them of their opportunity to do things on their own

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By Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo

It’s very normal for a parent to get worried about their children. It shows that you care and you are really concerned about your children.

A mother looking out for her child. Parents with parent anxiety are constantly worried about their children. Photo: Getty Images.
A mother worried about her child. Photo: Getty Images.

But for some parents, their worry is usually excessive. As a result, such parents struggle with parental anxiety.

These parents are usually overprotective of their children. Below are various ways how parental anxiety affects children.

1. A parent does everything for the children

When a parent is dealing with anxiety, they usually fear that they will do something wrong and get hurt.

They are afraid of giving the child chores to do or even letting them play certain games.

Instead, the parent decides to do everything for the child. When a parent does that, he or she rob’s the child of the opportunity to learn.

Children need more guidance and fewer restrictions to learn to make healthy choices on their own.

Mistakes are how children get to learn. For example, when a child is used to being protective of them, they tend to play it safe.

This is something that they will do even as adults.

2. The parent intervenes whenever the child is not happy

A parent who is dealing with parental anxiety will always struggle when they see their children in discomfort.

This type of parent will always jump in and try and make their child happy. But, unfortunately, by doing so, the child will not get the opportunity to learn how to deal with uncomfortable emotions like rage, frustrations and even anger.

Children need to be able to find solutions on their own. They need to learn how to deal with some issues on their own.

When a parent is always there for them, the child will never land how to solve their own problems or even overcome the challenges that come their way.

3. The parent micromanages their child’s activities

Children being independent is really important. This is a quality that parents should instil in children as they are young.

A parent should always remember that the child will one day grow up and become an adult. Unfortunately, when a parent is dealing with anxiety, he or she tends to micromanage a child’s daily activities hence making the child increasingly dependent.

Children need opportunities to show that they can be responsible.

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