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4 Easy Steps To Set Up a Gym At The Convenience of Your Home

4 Easy Steps To Set Up a Gym At The Convenience of Your Home 

  • Since the pandemic happened, most people are yet to go back to the gym due to the new rules introduced by recreational centres
  • Some, due to busy schedules, are yet to get make time to go back to regular visits to the gym and are using that as a perfect excuse not to keep fit
  • Being fit is not only important for weight loss but also in dealing with stress

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By Rosemil Anyango

Many people have always thought that the only sure way to lose weight and keep fit is to go to the gym. But, unfortunately, some for not being able to afford or access the gym have put on hold their fitness journey.

A woman set up her home gym to help her with exercising. Photo: WIRED.
A woman exercising in her home gym. Photo: WIRED.

Tips one can use to set up a gym at home

One thing that has discouraged them, however, is the high charges of the gyms. A gym at home makes working out much easier for people who find gym memberships expensive.

A person who would like to set up a gym at home can use the following steps:

Find the right space.

Space for a gym might be a restricting factor. For example, those living in storey buildings might opt to have the gym on the ground floor to factor in installing a heavy gym.

The gym should be at least farthest from other rooms if one wants to use it in the morning hours to avoid distracting others.

Get the right equipment

Knowing the right equipment kit for your home gym becomes easier once one has a set routine at the gym.

It is important to note that choosing equipment here depends on the available space and the budget.

For cardio exercises, one can buy a treadmill, exercise bike, turbo trainer or a cross-trainer.

Among the must-have equipment for a gym are a pull-up bar for bodyweight exercise, plyometric box, medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance bands, skipping rope and mini-trampoline.

Create a storage plan

If you have in mind a minimalist working routine, having a storage plan is of utmost importance. You could have small portable equipment.

Have a set-up design. Having the right equipment and space isn’t enough. It would be best if you had an actual set-up of fitness space.

Work on additional lighting

Lighting is also important so one can easily keep an eye on their form. For example, a mirror in a gym is a useful tool that provides feedback on one’s form during exercises and opens up space.

Your home gym should be free from things that can distract you during your workout.

Once you have set up the gym, put it into good use. You could invite friends or family members to exercise with you.

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