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3 Strong Qualities Men Over 40 Look for When Dating Women
A man on a date. Photo: Courtesy.

3 Strong Qualities Men Over 40 Look for When Dating Women 

  • Dating in 40s can be daunting, especially when all you meet are individuals who only want a good time or waste one’s time
  • However, for men over 40, dating takes a different turn that sees them analyse things from a different perspective than their younger selves.
  • Most, being pragmatic, look for long-term satisfaction than short term flings, and due to that, take time to look for substantial qualities

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By Sherry Amocaleta

Men looking to date in their 40s tend to approach relationships more rationally, with some only going for women who make them feel a certain type of way.

Some only date for pleasure because either they have been hurt over and over or have just been divorced. Still, those genuinely looking for partners look for the following three things in all women they desire to build a substantial relationship with.

1. Intelligence

In an era where information is accessible and available at the click of your phone, it is highly recommended to know something and know what is happening in the world.

According to research that scanned men’s dating profiles on dating sites, most men tend to look for smart and intelligent women as they get older.

Most of these men are also, in most cases building their own lives for the better, learning or have picked up courses in the process, so it’s only fair if they end up with women who match them intellectually.

2. A nurturing woman

Men dating in 40s want a woman who is kind, soft and can be a friend. As you get older, the relationship becomes lesser of sexual chemistry and more of companionship.

People become more pragmatic as they get older, and they realise 99 per cent of the time they spend with their partner does not necessarily involve intimately sleeping with them.

At this age, they are looking for a woman who they can comfortably spend time with and enjoy their friendship as they do life together.

3. Youthfulness

You do not necessarily have to be young to be youthful, as being youthful is just a mindset.

Youthfulness is the type of energy that you bring to the table, to the relationship and the conversations that the two of you have.

“If you can come to a date with the exuberant, youthfulness and vibrant energy, where you are curious and excited to see him, or is excited to get to know him further, these are the types of qualities men are excitedly looking for,” said Love Strategies coach.

Again, most of these men show up on dates with a serious look and an interview mood, so you will get them hooked if you can differentiate that with youthful energy.

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