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Betty Kyalo Opens up About Co-Parenting with Journalist Dennis Okari: “Msituletee Drama Zenu”
Betty Kyalo and her daughter Ivanna. Right, Dennis Okari. Photo: Betty Kyalo/Instagram. Dennis Okari/Facebook.
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Betty Kyalo Opens up About Co-Parenting with Journalist Dennis Okari: “Msituletee Drama Zenu” 

  • Betty Kyalo revealed that she and TV journalist Dennis Okari are great friends and are in a good co-parenting space at the moment
  • The former TV news anchor shared that she and her ex-hubby decided to put their differences aside and focus on giving their daughter Ivanna the best
  • She also disclosed that they go to their daughter’s school events together and sit together, which may also leave people thinking if they’re back together

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By Sherry Amocaleta

Flair By Betty CEO Betty Kyalo has opened up about co-parenting with her ex-husband, TV journalist Dennis Okari and said the two are now in a peaceful place.

Betty Kyalo showers her daughter Ivanna, with love. Photo: @Betty Kyalo/Instagram.
Betty Kyalo and her daughter Ivanna. Photo: Betty Kyalo/Instagram.

Betty Kyalo on co-parenting with Okari

The former TV queen said things were ugly in the beginning because she was still young and everything was happening in front of the whole nation.

She disclosed how the two are coping on Citizen Digital, where she also revealed that the two attend their daughter Ivanna’s school events together.

“Co-parenting has been great. At first, it’s hard. Getting into co-parenting with the same person you used to be in the same house with, married to, in a relationship with, now you guys are separated, divorced, and there’s a child,” she said.

According to the journalist, it was not easy to get to where he and Okari are, as it was a journey for them.

”Finally, we just decided, you know what, ‘this girl deserves the best and deserves all the love, and so you have her on a few days, I’ll have her for a few days. We go to all these school functions with Dennis, and we’re sitting there. People might even think we are still together,” she added.

She said it’s the people who like to bring the animosity, adding that the two are good friends, and she calls him when she cannot pick up their daughter from school, maybe because of work and asks if he can pick her up.

Betty Kyalo on searching for baby daddy

Earlier, highlighted the celebrity after sharing her daughter has been hinting she wants a sibling for the past three years

“I’m still searching for the right daddy, who can be daddy to Ivanna and daddy to the new one. Until I get to that point, I’m not looking to have a baby and raise them alone,” she said.

She added that she is currently single and happy and will only add one more child if she finds the right man.

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