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Celebrity Splits:5 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups of 2022 So Far
From left: Kenya's Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It, Kanye West and model Julia Fox and Hollywood star couple Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet
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Celebrity Splits:5 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups of 2022 So Far 


  • 2022 has already seen the splitting of many celebrity relationships, with some ending their marriages or relationships.
  • The majority of the partners announced to their online community that they are no longer together, with others stirring messy controversies and drama from either parties or netizens online.
  • From married couples such as Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, to lovers Kanye West and Julia Fox, and  Kenya’s sensational engaged couple Corazon Kwamboka and fitness coach Frankie Just Gym It, The Efficient Woman has compiled five of the biggest, heartbreaking celebrity breakups of this year.

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By Mourrine Wambugu

While it might only be in the second month of the year, 2022 has already been a tough year for some celebrity couples, with some of them calling it quits on their marriages, engagements or long-term relationships and eventually breaking up.

Famous celebrity breakups this 2022
From left: Corazon Kwamboka and fiance Frankie, Kanye west and model Julia Fox and Hollywood ex-couple Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet PHOTO COURTESY//

Given the current online era, the majority of these celebrities announced to their social media fans and followers that they were no longer together. As expected, “online in-laws” had mixed reactions and stirred different trends in discussing the news. However, some chose to settle the matter in court as they decided to go their separate ways in a marriage-gone-sour.

The Efficient Woman has compiled our own list of the five most shocking and heartbreaking celebrity breakups of the year so far, highlighting the date and reason for their split.

  1. Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka

No one saw this celebrity breakup coming! When Kenyan lawyer-turned-socialite Corazon Kwamboka confirmed on her Instagram page that she had ended her relationship with fitness trainer Frankie Just Gym It Kiarie, the internet was in a frenzy.

In a post shared via Instagram on February 20, Corazon wrote,

“I am single. I chose me. Life goes on. “she captioned.

The curvaceous Youtube vlogger shared the caption with a black rose, a presumption that things were not as rosy in her relationship with fiancé Frankie.

Corazon Kwamboka and family
Lawyer and vlogger Corazon Kwamboka with ex-fiance Frankie Just Gym It Kiarie with their kids/ PHOTO/IG

Despite public scrutiny and breakup suggestions, the two lovers had been dating for nearly two years.They got engaged in 2019 and had two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, together before calling it quits.

While the fitness coach hasn’t spoken about the issue, netizens have been keeping a close eye on them both to see if they are indeed over or if they will get back together. Frankie was previously dating Maureen Waititu, a lawyer, social media influencer, and vlogger.They also had two sons, after which they split over claims of child neglect by Waititu. Maureen has not since spoken after the breakup of her ex-lover with Corazon.

  1. Ali Hassan Joho and Madina Giovanni

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho agreed to a divorce appeal on February 17 made by his first wife, Madina Giovanni.

Mr. Joho signed a consent with his Italian wife to end their marriage after 12 years of being together.

Ex-wife Giovanni Fazzini had filed for a divorce on January 26 at Mombasa’s Chief Kadhi Court, on the grounds that their marriage was broken beyond repair and couldn’t be revived.

In her affidavit filed in court,

“I am clear and unequivocal that our marriage has broken down irretrievably with no chance of revival given we have both moved on over the years,” Fazzini said.

A divorce certificate was issued on February 6 after the two had separated for nine years. The governor did not object to his ex-wife’s call for a divorce.

The two got married in 2011 and have two children, aged nine and eight.

  1. Kanye West and Julia Fox

Following a serious fight in December 2021 between American rapper Kanye West and reality star-cum-entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, Kanye began dating model and actress Julia Fox.

Just when everyone thought the two were getting serious in February this year, the news of their breakup came as surprising to many.

On Valentine’s Day, a source revealed that,

“Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators, but they are no longer together.”

This statement revealed made sense because, afterwards, it was publicly evident that the “Donda” hit maker was trying to get his wife, Kim Kardashian, back. Though not sure whether Kanye and Fox are on a break or have officially broken up, fans and followers of both are still speculating this celebrity breakup.

  1. Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef
Alikiba and his ex-wife
Tanzania’s artist Ali Kiba with Kenyan ex-wife, Amina Khalef

This celebrity breakup shocked the East Africa community. after a Kadhi court in Mombasa on February 10 gave Tanzania’s star singer Ali Kiba 15 days to respond to a divorce suit foiled by his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef.

Citing stress, insecurity, neglect, and infidelity claims, Khalef admitted to having been in a strained relationship with the “Cinderella” hit maker, which was negatively affecting her health and contributed to her decision to call it quits.

Khalef, who got married to Kiba in April 2018, accused him of infidelity, adding that she had allegedly faced verbal abuse from her in-laws, which she says began about six months into their marriage.

Her suit papers read, “The respondent [Kiba] has made a mockery of their marriage by disrespectfully engaging in public displays of infidelity with various women in total disregard of the petitioner’s feelings.”

According to the wife, efforts to try and salvage the marriage were futile as her husband was not responding, saying the marriage was broken beyond repair.

She revealed that they had been separated since September 2019. She now demands Ksh. 200,000 in monthly upkeep and a medical cover to sustain her needs and those of her two sons whom they share.

  1. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

Another shocking celebrity breakup was when Hollywood stars Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced in January that they were divorcing after nearly 20 years together.

Jason Momoa, ex wife and kids
‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa with his family

In a joint statement shared on Instagram, the “Aquaman” star revealed the heart-breaking news after four years of marriage and 16 together with ex-wife Bonet.

“And so we share our family news that we are parting ways in marriage,” they announced in a joint statement. “We share this not because we think it’s newsworthy but so that as we go about our lives, we may do so with dignity and honesty.”

The couple, who were introduced in 2005 at a jazz club, got married in 2017 and share two children, aged 14 and 13.

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