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Elsa Majimbo Wins Again As Youngest Cover On Asian Luxury Magazine
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Elsa Majimbo Wins Again As Youngest Cover On Asian Luxury Magazine 

  • Elsa has proved that she is a chess champion and a boss babe who keeps making moves one interview and brand partnership at a time.
  • The 19-year-old is proof that when it comes to fame, there are no boundaries or borders.
  • She is very strategic in everything that she does and in the brands that she embraces.

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By Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo

Elsa Majimbo is a 19-year-old Kenyan internet sensation who last year rose to fame through her monologue comedy which she posted on her Instagram page.

Her signature infectious laughter and a pair of 90’s vintage glasses sold her to her audience.

Elsa Majimbo on the Expedition magazine cover. Photo: Elsa Majimbo/Instagram.
Elsa Majimbo on the Expedition magazine cover. Photo: Elsa Majimbo/Instagram.

Since she went viral, she has been making moves, one publication at a time. She is now penetrating Asia after making it the youngest face on the cover of a leading magazine, the Asian Luxury Magazine: Xpedition.

It is a special four-part spring 2021 issue.

Elsa shared the awesome news on her Twitter page, saying:

I’m so happy to have done my first cover in Asia!!! With Luxury magazine: Xpedition.”


Majimbo is a 15 times chess champion and also one of the biggest stars who emerged last year.

She started creating monologues back in 2016. During the lockdown, she started filming short video clips of herself from her bedroom.

With time, her clips went viral on TikTok and on Instagram’s Reels, where people posted themselves using the audio of Majimbo’s voice. Her style of comedy attracted people’s attention across the globe.

In an interview with Forbes last year, she shared the inspiration behind her content. “I initially made my videos to bring joy to myself. I would make them, and I would think, I am so funny! I would watch the videos and laugh. I would not care if other people found them funny or not. It turns out, the videos have also brought other people joy, and I am so happy they did.”

Career plans

Last year, she got nominated for the E! People’s Choice Awards in the African Social Star Category.

That nomination came with a lot of recognitions from top brands, especially after she bagged the award.

To her, everything is always about the long game. She referred to chess and said, “When you are playing chess, it is all about the long game. And if your opponent is equally clever as you, you have to be clever in everything you do. Even if the brand is company approaching you makes it seem like it is something you need or want – that is when the end game comes in.”

Among the top brands that she has so far partnered with are Fenty, which she got the deal in September last year, MAC Cosmetics and Valentino, an Italian top fashion company.

She also launched an IGTV series, “Bedtime With Elsa”, and her first guests were musician Jorja Smith and Comedian/talk show host Lilly Singh.

On February 18th this year, she was selected to grace the cover of the Teen Vogue Magazine.

She also featured along American rapper Lil Yatchy, American dancer Michael Le, American actress Charli D’Amelio and comedian Ziwe Fumudoh.

She has also been featured in the New York Times and The Cut.

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Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo is a young and vibrant journalist specialising in media and film. Her interests are in scriptwriting, videography, photography and video editing. She has previously interned in the media department at the Office of the Deputy Governor, Machakos County. She has also written a feature script for a project between H.E Eng. Francis Maliti and Talanta Mtaani. Mutumi has also written and directed several short films, with one getting nominated for an award in the 4th Lake International Pan-African Film Festival (LIPFF). In her free time, she loves cooking and enjoys singing, watching movies, listening to music and braiding hair. She is also a cat lover and owns five cats. 

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