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Five Gifts You Can Give Yourself As A Mother This Mother’s Day
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Five Gifts You Can Give Yourself As A Mother This Mother’s Day 

It’s said that the best gift one can give his or her mother is ensuring that she is not struggling, while everything is chaotic and the world closing in on people due to a global pandemic, mothers across the globe are still playing super human role and doing whatever it takes to provide, protect and progress their families, even when it takes a toll on their physical, emotional and sexual health. But, self care is a personal gift that is key and it can only help you be a better mother. Here are some ways that a mother can practise self care and without feeling guilty.

Normally, a mother will put herself first and that because women are generally nurturers and as soon as one gets children, responsibilities and reality changes. What was a priority now becomes an option.

In most instances, especially for the mothers with small kids, even time to bath is elusive because all they do is cook, clean, tend to the baby, listen to their partner and all they do is give and give without pouring into themselves. This with time creates a fatigue that makes them irritable all the time.

So, on this Mother’s Day, take some time to cultivate a new trend for yourself as a mother and incorporate these ways as your recovery routine to do list and at the end, you will improve on your health, your relationships and your time.

  1. Healthy Eating

Most mothers hardly prioritize breakfast and healthy eating. You will find most of them doing away with breakfast thinking it’s cool and sacrificial. It is very okay and highly recommended to start the day with a good breakfast.

If you can afford it, schedule it as a to-do list. Take this time to reflect on the kind of day you would like to have or get to bond with your partner and children and share those moments creating good energy for the day.

Eating healthy is good because as a mother, you use all your energy taking care of others and while in most times mothers forget that they also need to take care of themselves, eating healthily is a way of giving your body the strength and energy it requires to help you keep doing what you are doing.

  1. Adequate sleep

For most mothers, sleeping is a luxury, because they either have small babies who keep waking them up with their cry for help or have grown kids who need to go to school and have needs that keep their mothers awake as they try to figure out how to meet those needs.

Mothers make everything happen. They push the men in their lives to contribute and if the men are unable to, they go above and beyond to see the kids fed, schooled and dressed.

These struggles sometimes take the little peace of mind they have that can allow them to get some rest at night.

As a mother, prioritize getting adequate sleep at night because that is the only way one can be able to focus and think of the next steps. Sleeping is a form of healing.

  1. Cleanliness is next to worthiness

Being clean is not just showering and changing your clothes. It is also how you take care of your mind.

Mothers are sometimes swamped with to do lists that involve going to work, taking care of the house and cooking for the kids and in a case where the mother is a single mother, all duties in the household are her responsibility.


Why Single Mothers Are For Grown Men, Only.

Most hardly shower and some take a bath but within a few minutes and go back to their duties. Shower time can be a refreshing time where you not only wash your body but your soul as well. You can shower and still take the time to catch up with your thoughts and have a moment with yourself.

Cleanliness also calls for looking good, just because you are a mother is no excuse to neglect yourself.

Take care of how you dress, brush your teeth, comb your hair or get it done and make sure you look proper even if you are in the house, it will always give you good energy around you.

Cleanse your thoughts as well, for as a mother thinketh, so is she.

  1. Schedule reading in between rests

It’s already a pack being a mother, you are always on super hero mode, but even super heroes need to improve what they know.

Schedule time to read once a while, it can be once a day or a week or a month. Block a few minutes or hours to catch up with a book or audio book and learn something.

If you do not like reading you can schedule watching relevant information in between your rest periods and get to sit down and do something fun for yourself where you are the only beneficiary because from that others will also benefit.

  1. Socialize and create meaningful partnerships

While most mothers mainly hang out with fellow mothers for reasons well understood, it is important to create meaningful relationships that nourish every facet of a mother’s life.

These can be via zoom or Skype calls, especially now that everyone is at home and social distancing is the order of the day.

Get to interact with people who you can talk to and share your thoughts and worries with and people who can give you sound advice about being a mother and wife or a career woman.

While the world celebrates mothers, it is important to remind you that being a mother is not just a one day’s celebration but a daily job that should be celebrated every day. You as a mother rock and you are the rock that keeps the society solid and intact. Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

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