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Shakilla Says She’s Dating Multiple Men: “One Man Can’t Satisfy Me”
Socialite Shakilla. Photo: @i.am_shakilla.
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Shakilla Says She’s Dating Multiple Men: “One Man Can’t Satisfy Me” 

  • Shakilla revealed she’s in multiple relationships with different people and said she gets everything she wants
  • The young socialite also dismissed claims that she was once thrown out of her expensive apartment in Kilimani and referred to those rumours as haters who are jealous of her progress
  • She also shared that she underwent sole bodywork to get a nice shape and emphasised that she will still look good in her old age

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By Sherry Amocaleta

Socialite Shakilla has opened up about her hiatus and said she had to deal with her mental health as she was surrounded by what she referred to as ‘cockroaches’.

Socilite Shakilla. Photo: @i.am_shakilla.
Socialite Shakilla talked about being with different men. Photo: @i.am_shakilla.

The young lass was in an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve where she revealed she is in many relationships with different people and gets everything she wants.


“I am in a relationship, but it’s just that I am in many relationships. Imagine if one guy makes you happy, how will like ten guys make you,” she said.

Shakilla also explained that she underwent some bodywork to give her a nice body shape and explained that she will still look good even in her old age.
As for if she was kicked out of her apartment in Kilimani as it was recently rumoured on social media, she dismissed those claims and said there are so many people who hate her.
“I think that most people think that when you’re making a lot than them they try to kick you down, they throw malicious things I really don’t want to talk about that, it happened, it happened. I hope the person who posted that will one day stay in my apartments because I can’t wait for that,” she added.

Shakilla also maintained that she is only rolling with the big boys from Nigeria and proclaimed herself the queen of the streets.

Lulu Hassan talks about her marriage to Rashid Abdalla

In a different report, celebrated news anchor Lulu Hassan opened up about her marriage to fellow anchor Rashid Abdalla and shared secrets that have led to their long-term union.

The two have been married for more than 11 years, and she attributes their long-term marriage to how each has been able to compromise.

“Communication, friendship, respect, commitment and the rest will fall into place,” she wrote on Instagram

Lulu Hassan Shares 4 Tips That’s Kept Her Marriage to News Anchor Rashid Abdalla Successful

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