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Terms of Use

While we are dedicated to ensuring that the time you spend on The Efficient Woman is engaging and user-friendly, we would like you to keep in mind the following rules that will protect you the user, and us the content creators. Please take the time to read all of them because engaging in our online platform, means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
We do have news and feature stories publication that you will find directly on the site and for free, this will be contributed by contracted journalists, contributors, and members of the community who would like to share an opinion on a matter.
We also have documentaries, monthly magazine editions that are only limited to subscribers. So to access them, you will be required to subscribe to the E-Magazine platform.
In order to prevent any arising conflicts, it is important to share the rules that will govern you and the publication from any arising conflicts. They are as follows:
1. This is an agreement between you, the user, and The Efficient Woman and so it can only be between you and the publication and you cannot implement anything on behalf of another user unless directed by us.

We expect all our contracted contributors who include employees, freelancers, and volunteers, to at all times give factual and original content and have proof of recordings, interviews, or research when needed. Any claims of plagiarism or defamation and unless the contributor is contracted by the publication will be the contributor’s solemn responsibility and any consequences will be shouldered by them.
While everyone is entitled to their personal views and opinions, all our contributors are MANDATED to make it clear on all their public platforms that their views do not in any reflect those of The Efficient Woman publication and Magazine.
All contributors who seek to volunteer and create content for the publication will have to wait until approved. However, it is advised to pitch the story first as opposed to posting the story. Having the story run without our approval gives the publication full rights to the story.
At the moment only talk shows and free published stories are shareable. However, should you decide to share our content on other platforms:
-Do not charge others for accessing it.
-Do not associate The Efficient Woman with any opinion that is not reflected on the content.
-Do not use the content to harass or insult others when and if you have a contrary opinion.
-Do not make our content look like it’s an endorsement of your personal opinion, products, or services.
-When engaging on the platform, you are bound to meet other users who will also be using the platform; we STRONGLY advise the user against discriminatory remarks/comments, harassing others, and or making it hard for others to use and engage on the platform. Failure to follow such rules will lead to you being removed from the platform.
We want every user to feel free and comfortable while using our platform.
We have free content and we also have content that will only be accessible to subscribers, which includes films, talk shows, and documentaries. These rules will apply to all subscribers who view our content via the video format and restricted published content.
-You cannot share your password with someone else.
-You are not allowed to share restricted content that is downloadable.
-You cannot use or record our videos for personal or commercial use and without our permission.
-Using our trailers without crediting the publication is also not allowed. The only time the general public can access the video format is when they are shared on our shareable platforms.
-Should you also disagree with anyone or the content shared via video, we advise that you send your feedback rather than harass or insult the persons on-air or behind the scene.
While we will from time to time seek collaboration with other users, below are the rules of how we will use your content:
– All written stories, unless deemed necessary will have the writer’s by-line. This is to help the writers engage with the audience as well as give them visibility for their content. However, sharing your work with us means that the same work cannot be shared on any other platform including your own personal pages unless accompanied by the link of the published story on The Efficient Woman.
-It is illegal to plagiarize any work done on and by this publication.
-If you submit any video or photo, make sure you give credit to the video’s original owner because failure to do that will lead to you taking the responsibility. We however highly ADVISE sharing your own photos and videos.
-It is ILLEGAL to try to hack our publication or spam it or prevent others from accessing it.
-It is prohibited to publicly or privately act like a representative/employee/contributor of the publication if there is no contract binding you and The Efficient Woman publication.
-You should not at any time conduct business on behalf of the publication unless contracted by the publication. Any such reports will be taken as criminal cases and reported to the authorities. All our contracted contributors/employees have the company’s card and company’s registration number.
-We do not in any way discriminate against anyone willing to share their content based on who they are, in fact, we welcome women contributors and collaborators who are from different nationalities, regions, gender, social and educational backgrounds, religions, sexuality, and race to explore their voices and share them with the world.
-We will only pay for the contracted stories/films/movies/articles and PAYMENT will happen within 15 days of the next month the content is published or aired. E.G, If a story was published on June 4, the payment will be processed within the FIRST 15 days of July.
-The publication will from time to time contract actors and or actresses for the films or buy documentaries, by agreeing to sell or partake in the show gives the publication full ownership of the Film/Documentary rights. And we do not allow anyone to collaborate without a contract if requested to be in partnership or produce something for The Efficient Woman. Always ensure you sign the contract.
-In case of any legal issues, the case can only be handled with the courts of law in Kenya.