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Women Can Still Be Good Wives and Have Outstanding Careers

Women Can Still Be Good Wives and Have Outstanding Careers 

  • Women experience a certain pressure when they want to pursue a career and still play a wife and mother’s role.
  • However, they do not have to turn their backs on their careers to be family-oriented.
  • With a clear plan and a good support system, a woman can excel both at work and home.

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By Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo

For the longest time, society has put pressure on women when it comes to having careers. They are expected to prioritize motherhood and being a wife over having a successful career.

Women are faced with debating how to handle having a successful career and being a wife. Photo: Courtesy.
With a clear balance, women can indeed have that outstanding career and still have time to build a family. Photo: Courtesy.

This has always brought about a huge dilemma for women. The 19th-century mentality is still a factor even to this day and age.

But the question is, is it possible for a woman to have an outstanding career and still be a good wife as well as a mother? Well, the answer is yes.

It is very much okay for a woman to go for what she truly wants. Of course, there is the guilt of feeling that they are not doing enough or missing out on their motherly and wifely duties.

Achieving a balance is not easy, but it is possible. Forfeiting the professional path should not be a decision that women are forced to choose.

It is quite powerful when a woman has her own money and is rocking it at being a mom and a wife.

According to Smart Money woman author Arese Ugwu, “A woman becoming financially independent does not equate to I do not need a man. It just means she brings more to the table. Instead of being a financial burden, she becomes a value addition.”

And this brings about the feeling of fulfilment which is something that most if not all women want.

Women have come a long way, and the journey is not yet over.

Feminist and writer Chimamanda Adichie once said, “never accept because you are a woman as a reason for doing or stop doing something.”

In its era, things are changing, and women are stepping out of the box set for them by society.

Gone are the days where all that women did was building a family and being a housewife.

Women find value in achieving something for themselves despite how little or big it is.

Women need society to have faith that they can succeed at being a mother, wife and career professional.


Women are now getting empowered every day. It is not wrong to want to be something.

Of course, this comes about by creating and finding a balance. No woman wants to fail her family or children, so finding a balance between the career and the family side is significant.

Priorities need to be set. A woman needs to know what she prioritizes more because she may be juggling a lot.

Getting that successful career, being a good wife and a wonderful parent, maybe furthering her education and sometimes being there for the extended family.

All these require time, and for the woman to avoid feeling overwhelmed, priorities are therefore important.

If her family is a priority for her, she will find the time. She might do this by negotiating flexible working hours’ even if it means working part-time.

And with this, she can get time to make a meal for her family and get to play and talk with her kids.

Women also need to discuss their career prospects with their significant others. A woman can comfortably achieve having a career, being a good wife and mother when she is open to her spouse.

All women need is support. They should not receive backlash because they have outstanding careers.

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Yvonne Mutumi Kyalo is a young and vibrant journalist specializing in media and film. Her interests are in scriptwriting, videography, photography and video editing. She has previously interned in the media department at the Office of the Deputy Governor, Machakos County. She has also written a feature script for a project between H.E Eng. Francis Maliti and Talanta Mtaani. Mutumi has also written and directed several short films, with one getting nominated for an award in the 4th Lake International Pan-African Film Festival (LIPFF). In her free time, she loves cooking and enjoys singing, watching movies, listening to music and braiding hair. She is also a cat lover and owns five cats. You can connect with her on social media @Mtumi Mtumi.

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