Father Figure: How Absentee Dads Significantly Affect Ladies in Relationships

January 17, 2024
  • Not having a father figure has been noted to affect a woman’s life and relationships with the opposite gender because a dad is considered a girl’s first man’s model
  • Life coach Robert Burale breaks down the impact an absentee dad may have on a woman’s life and why some end up attracting men who are similar to their dads
  • He encouraged dads who are not present in their daughter’s lives to step up and take responsibility to ensure they raise healthier kids in society

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By Winnie Jeruto

Having a father figure in one’s life can impact an individual in very many ways, particularly for women, as they say, a dad is a girl’s ‘first’ love. But what happens when a man is absent in his daughter’s life?


Why father figure is important to daughters

Many ladies find themselves in a tragic predicament in this modern culture where rampant promiscuousness forms the basis of relationships.

When ladies lack a father figure, they end up in relationships where genuine love, affection, gentleness and appreciation seem like a fairy tale.

Others also resent men because of their abandonment issues with their biological fathers, making it difficult for them to have relationships with men in adulthood.

In an interview with theefficientwoman.co.ke, life coach and media personality Robert Burale addressed the impact absentee dads have on girls and their future relationships.

“The standard measure of a man as far as a daughter is concerned is the father. That is why even fathers who are present should also use wisdom, affirmation, appreciation, and gentleness. It’s the first idea of what a man is or should be in a girl’s eyes. You’ll find out that even the men the girls marry tend to have the same characteristics as the father and sometimes totally opposite in bid of retaliation,” he said.

Burale further explained that absentee dads only make women have what he identified as ‘on-job’ training as they try to figure things out in the dark.

He also encouraged people to seek father figures in their lives who can model what a good man should act and be like, as this will impact their lives positively.

“When these ladies get to a place of dating, they start to look for love or affirmation that they craved from a father figure that wasn’t there in the first place. Sadly sometimes, in a bid to look for genuine love and care a father should have provided, sometimes these girls go out there and meet the wrong kind of men who take advantage of that level of vulnerability,” he further added.

The daddy wounds cut very deep, and it takes forgiveness for a woman to enjoy relationships. However, if possible, they should get a mentor who can hold them through the many experiences that they go through in life.

“They can guide them and give them fatherly counsel. As for men, it does not matter how much a man earns, it does not matter how powerful the man is, but if he does not take care of his children, then that’s dangerous. They need to step up their game so that we raise a healthier society,” Burale added.

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