Smart Money Woman By Arese Ugwu

January 17, 2024

Financial literacy is still a concept that women especially in Africa still struggle with and this is attributed to how women are exposed to money while growing up.


In her book, Smart Money Woman, Arese Ugwu tries to break the financial barriers in a simple story form showcasing friends who have different lifestyles and financial beliefs.

The stories are relatable, especially if you are a career woman, a family woman, someone who is just starting out in life or in the dating set up as the book shares concepts that will change the way you see your life and the financial decisions you should implement or get rid of.

For instance, using the main character, Zuri’s story, Arese Ugwu explores the habit of women living beyond their means and taking in more loans to keep up with the idea of driving a specific kind of car, living in a specific neighbourhood or hanging out in specific joints.

She not only challenges you via the stories but also reels you in through the practical financial exercises that she challenges you to take at the end of every chapter in order to better your financial life and decisions.

If you been wondering how to navigate through your debt that never seems to end, you may want to read the chapter on the same and better still take the test after the chapter.

If you got your girls’ squad with you, this may be something worth pursuing as friendship goals this year because at the end, you do require people who put you in check at the same time, people you can learn from based on the wins and mistakes they make with their money.

This read is simple. It has a bit of interesting stories that will also boost your perception on how love and finances coexist. Arese Ugwu also breaks down the information in the most relatable way as most people tend to avoid financial books based on the jargons that the books come with.

At the end you will realize that achieving financial literacy is very possible and sometimes all one needs is a good book that elucidates successful journeys of various women from different backgrounds who have tried it and how they achieved it,

Smart Money Woman is a sure bet that once you read and follow through with the steps, you will find better meaning in your finances, various ways to boost your bank account, save better, invest more and plan your finances and if you are a smart woman, this is a book that should be in your to read list.

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