Autobiography: Of Dreams and Whatever by Nadia Abdalla

January 17, 2024

These are the words that carry you throughout this true-life story of the youngest presidentially appointed Chief Administrative Secretary in the Kenyan government’s Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs, Madam Nadia Ahmed Abdalla.


Of Dreams and Whatever is a heartfelt true story of a young woman’s struggle to find herself and her purpose all through childhood till maturity before she becomes an essential part of the future of her country.

Nadia shares her life journey growing up, drawing on her learned lessons and triggering questions, and overall, an eye-opener in a 105-page book.

After witnessing a divorce in her younger years, Nadia, 29, recalls being raised by women in a Swahili community.

In a series of flashbacks, she reminisces about the fond childhood memories she made with her grandmother before she passed away.

As her mother re-married into a wealthier family, Nadia notes that even with mixed emotions, she was happy to see her mum cherished by her step-dad and excited for the new chapter in life.

Throughout her education, Nadia, as she prefers to be called, shares her insecurities of being socially accepted even when she was born to stand out.

In her teenage and high school years, which she admits were not the best of her childhood, her desire for acceptance and fitting in drove her to be a petty, drama queen girl, and a rebel.

In relatable story episodes, she narrates how she wanted to be part of a “cool squad,” which is often experienced in high school.

The bold, confident Chief Administrative Secretary is not shy about touching on sensitive topics, including mental health and abuse, which she underwent while on campus.

Additionally, in the majority of her chapters, she empowers everyone, especially the youth and women, to work hard on being their greatest self.

“So, dear girl child and youth, understand that I did not wake up one day and sit at a table with other key decision makers to influence change. I worked towards the change I wanted to see, “the Kenya Ni Mimi founder reveals.

While championing for self-identity and development into being empowered, Nadia candidly shares her transitioning career journey, from ‘Being Naddy’ to ‘CAS Nadia Abdalla’ to ‘Kenya ni Mimi’ and ‘Dreams & Empowerment.’

In a simple, lovely read, the inspiring leader and mentor to many never forgets her late mother, Salma, who was a key pillar in shaping her present self.

Women and leadership, self-identity and love journey, childhood trauma, friendships, patriotism, pan-Africanism, mental health and abuse are among the topics examined by the passionate lifestyle blogger.

The well-organized Question and Answer (Q & A) section and a letter to the youth, ‘Dear Youth,’ are two of the book’s unique features.

Her choice of words, jargon, and language adds authenticity because they are familiar and relatable to today’s youth, ‘and that’s on period.’

This is a book highly recommended to everyone, especially young people and women, as it highlights and addresses the life struggles everyone faces in finding their life purpose and career path in the eyes of a young woman.

It also poses questions to the older generations about what changes ought to be made to make a better present and future generation. All the way through the last page, Nadia advocates loving yourself as fiercely as possible, as no one can save you but yourself.

So remember, own it and be great at it! As unapologetic as you would ever imagine the girl or boy next door would be, “concludes the sassy leader.

She has also authored “The Feminist in Us” and is the owner of the lifestyle blog,

Of Dreams and Whatever is a captivating book you can finish in one sitting, and you can order it via their official social media handles. It is only available in hard copy.

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