IWD: Famous people celebrate women while demanding society to break bias against women

January 17, 2024


  • Worldwide, every March 8 marks International Women’s Day, which celebrates women while campaigning for gender equality
  • With this year’s theme being # BreakTheBias, the majority of people are advocating for gender equality and the abolition of stereotypes and discrimination against women in various sectors of society
  • As we mark International Women’s Day 2022, The Efficient Woman compiled inspiring messages shared by female celebrities, political leaders, influencers, and famous people

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By Mourrine Wambugu

Happy International Women’s Day to all our female readers!


The world is all purple today as we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 with #InternationalWomensDay2022, #BreakTheBias, #8thMarch and #womenempowerment trending across all social media.

It is amazing to see the Break the Bias pose being taken by women across the globe, proving that, indeed, it is a movement. I must admit, it is a huge success.

According to the United Nations Women, this year’s campaign theme is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow,” which aims to recognize and appreciate women who are actively working towards a sustainable future.

However, the official International Women’s Day website diverted from the UN’s given theme and announced “BreakTheBias” as this year’s concept.

As most of us are aware, International Women’s Day is aimed at helping nations worldwide to eliminate discrimination against women and to help them gain equal and full participation in global development.

Sadly, even after the years since the global event started in 1911, women have not attained gender equality yet in this patriarchal world.

In Kenya, a video of a female driver being harassed and assaulted by a gang of bodaboda operators surfaced on March 7, igniting disgust and condemnation from all, including political and social leaders, influencers, and celebrities.

So far, 16 bodaboda operators have been arrested by the National Police Service (NPS), and investigations are still ongoing.

A petition on regulations of bodaboda operations in Kenya is being signed as a means of acting on change and to ensure justice is served to the perpetrators.

Female celebrities, famous politicians, influencers, and social leaders have joined the global celebration of women while demanding society break the bias against women.

The Efficient Women have compiled a few of the inspiring messages from various celebrities.

Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, Nadia Ahmed Abdalla:

“How do I even wish every woman a happy International Women’s Day when all I can hear and still hear are the sharp screams and cries of helplessness from the young lady who was assaulted publicly?As we mark #IWD, let this be a reminder that we still have so much work to do as a society, as a community, and as a nation!As Nadia, as a young woman, as a Kenyan, as a woman who has experienced abuse, the young lady’s video has triggered me a lot! And I’m sure there are a lot of other women who feel the same way!The young lady will forever be traumatized. Say no to # SGBV, # GBV, # EndGenderBasedViolence, and # RespectWomen.”

Lynn Ngugi, a BBC Award-winning digital content creator:

“How many people must suffer before we say enough is enough? It breaks my heart to watch a Kenyan woman scream helplessly as bodaboda riders attack and strip her in broad daylight. Have a thoughtful International Women’s Day. “

Award-winning journalist, author, and podcaster, Adelle Onyango:

I began my # IWD2022 reflection on the challenges women face in politics, entrepreneurship, workplaces, and the media at the @euinkenya roundtable with some insightful women,. The similarities in the challenges we face were clear. Violence was a common challenge which we (in Kenya) are now highlighting due to recent events.This is every woman’s lived reality, and at this moment, my thoughts on solutions aren’t clear enough to share. However, as @adelleonyangoinitiative, we will be starting a little later today, a psychological-social resources partnership that will help survivors of sexual violence. Sending you love. “

Kenyan actress and brand ambassador, Catherine Kamau:

“Happy International Women’s Day to all the queens on my timeline. Also kindly join us in signing the petition on regulations on bodaboda operations in Kenya. “

Victoria Rubadiri, a BBC Award-winning Journalist:

“Very seldom do women have their voices heard. Their input is what will move the needle on the most pressing environmental and environmental problems facing our world today. “

Hon. Martha Karua, Kenya’s presidential candidate 2022:

“Happy International Women’s Day! You are heroines of toil and care, and you hold the world in your hands # IWD.”

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