5 Easy Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

January 17, 2024
  • The need to achieve personal development and a relationship could be a possible reason for long-distance relationships
  • Figuring out how to survive in a long-distance relationship has been a painful experience for some
  • Here are ways you could make it work however far you are from each other

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By Rosemil Anyango

Many believe that long-distance relationships cannot work because it brings about loneliness from missing one’s partner.


Because they are tough does not mean they do not work. With the right attitude from both partners, their relationship could be a statistic of the few working long-distance relationships.

Here are five tips that can make a long-distance relationship work:

1.Commit to the relationship.

Before you waste your partner’s and your time, be sure you really want to make the relationship work.

It is necessary to know that both of you are committed to a set goal that you aim to achieve next.

This could be marriage or working towards being in the same environment. If one of you is not committed to giving the best in the relationship, it is bound to fail.

2.Do stuff together even when you’re apart.

Geographical differences do not mean the things you previously enjoyed doing together cannot be done.

You could both decide to watch a certain movie at the same time to maintain your bond.

3.Set boundaries for your relationship.

The two of you should be clear about your expectations from each other during your long-distance relationship.

If you are dating, it is important to address things like exclusivity during the relationship.

Do not do anything that will compromise your relationship. You could easily be tempted to want to do things you are sure your partner would disapprove of, and doing them is like betraying someone.

The set rules should be adhered to by the two of you.

4.Communicate regularly.

Never at any point should one ghost their partner for days without an explanation and expect them to take it in good faith.

Use the chance to update each other on what is going on in your lives.

However, do not over-communicate. You do not have to talk to your partner every minute of the day because you could be seen as a possessive person by doing so.

No one wants a possessive partner who will make them feel kept and limited.

Remember he or she had to be away from you for a reason, so ensure that give them time to achieve that.

5.Plan visits to each other.

Create time from your busy schedule to visit your partner.

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