Benjamin Zulu tells women to invest in dressing, scent when looking for a man

January 17, 2024
  • Benjamin Zulu advised women to get out and be active when they feel like they want to settle down
  • He also suggested that they should work on their dressing code, invest in good fragrance and be intentional in meeting new people
  • This also means having an online brand that does not misrepresent a woman based on her username, pictures and relationship status

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By Sherryl Amocaleta

Relationship coach Benjamin Zulu has advised women to be active when they feel they need to settle down and put themselves out there to be noticed by eligible bachelors.


Zulu said that most women lead an enclosed life that revolves around work, home and religious centres. This has, in return, narrowed down their circles and potential husbands.

“First, change your appearance, change your wardrobe. Invest in how you look. Some women are lazy when it comes to their dressing. Make sure your clothes fit your body and highlight your shape,” explained Benjamin Zulu.

He also urged women to show a bit of their skin and have some good shoes with a medium heel, as according to him, it gives people attention that a lady is passing.

One should also invest in a good scent that will make people attracted to them even when they are just passing by.

While most women are afraid of building themselves because they are afraid of scaring men away, the relationship coach has urged women to get what they can because they can never go wrong with an asset.

“Progressive people are happy to see progress. They are not intimidated. Buy it so that when he comes, he will respect and see that you are doing something in your life,” he added.

He said people should not look desperate because they want to get a husband, but instead, they should settle their minds on it and focus on it.

This can only happen when they go out and sometimes taking photos of one’s best elements and post them online.

“Let people see you, never call yourself family titles online, and have your relationship status single. You have to go where Boaz is, show up, be open to meeting people in the workplace. And wear a smile,” he said.

According to Zulu, women should appear with grace and also respond to people’s messages.

Through chatting, a woman will get to sieve the jokers from the decent men who are genuinely looking for a partner.

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