7 Simple Tips to Make a Narcissistic Person Respect You

January 17, 2024
  • Dating or working with a narcissistic person can be challenging as they thrive on hurting others as long as they feel or gain something
  • Most, if not all of them do not care what others go through emotionally as long as they feel they have the power and control over the other person in any situation
  • Sometimes, and especially when one faces physical confrontations, it is necessary to walk out and never look back

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By Ian Munene

Most people have found themselves feeding off from a narcissistic person’s desires and validation, not knowing how to undo the situation they got themselves in.


While a narcissistic person will never respect you unless they want something from you, here are simple strategies to help you make them respect you, temporarily, as featured by Psychology Element.

1.Invest in your self-esteem

Narcissistic individuals usually target people who appear vulnerable, and people who are emotionally vulnerable more than often tend to have low self-esteem.

Even though a narcissist may manipulate the person through love bombing and thinking they respect them, they usually feel the exact opposite.

They tend to view people with low self-esteem with contempt and even resentment. This is because they equate low self-esteem with low value.

Cultivating healthy self-esteem will make them value you and respect you, but more importantly, it will make you stop attracting such people in the first place.

2.Let them know you can easily leave and replace them

Narcissists are highly sensitive to abandonment and rejection. Tell them respectfully, assertively and clearly that you will be parting ways with their manipulation, invalidation, lying and cheating,

To most of them, the feeling of being replaced makes them think other people are superior to them.

Ensure you alert them that you have options and go out there and create those options for yourself to help you stop being attached to any narcissistic person.

3.Don’t engage a narcissist on a deeper level

While most people cannot help who they fall in love with, you should know there is little depth to be found in a narcissistic person’s universe.

If you allow yourself to be pulled into their twisted dynamic of interacting with people, you will only be on your way to be taken for granted, devalued and disrespected.

If you want them to respect you, only engage them when they are nice to you, fun to hang around and have a mutual goal to achieve. Otherwise, limit the effort and contact in the relationship with them.

4.No contact rule with a narcissist

Should you see the signs of them disrespecting you or devaluing things at the expense of your feelings, remove yourself from the situation and do not talk to them ever again.

Should no contact be impossible and you are forced to talk to them, keep your responses shorter and limited until they change their behaviour.

5.Manage the conversations

If you are talking to a narcissist and you realize they are not listening to you or respecting your opinions in any conversation, calmly end that conversation.

Don’t walk on eggshells around them

If you are in a physically abusive relationship, contact the authority immediately and get professional help.

Where you are not physically threatened, put your feet down and let the narcissist know they will not get away with anything around you.

Set clear boundaries

Most narcissists set boundaries on what people can tell or do to them but ironically disrespect or disregard the same boundaries when set by other people.

Having clear boundaries will protect you from their need to control you and may actually create some form of respect when they notice they cannot get away with things you have set clear boundaries on.

Narcissistic people are mainly interested in people they cannot have, and therefore not being in their playtime means they will show you respect.

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