Visa Interview: How To Explain Yourself At The Embassy

January 17, 2024
  • Going for a visa interview can be nerve-racking for many, as the questions are mostly unpredictable
  • However, you need to be confident and accountable to your interviewer so that you successfully pass the interview
  • The Efficient Woman has explained ways in which you can nail the visa interview and possibly get to go to the country of your desire

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By Mourrine Wambugu

Going to the embassy for a visa interview can be nerve-racking for many, as the questions are mostly unpredictable. However, you don’t need to be anxious about it.


While every experience is slightly different, knowing what to expect at the interview can help manage those feelings. To prepare and explain yourself, all you need to have is confidence and accountability for your actions so as to successfully pass the interview.

The Efficient Woman has explained three key ways in which you can nail your visa interview and enter your desired country.

Have accountability and integrity

Most, if not all, embassies work under the values of accountability and integrity. With that in mind, you need to be accountable for your mistakes and errors. Acknowledge your mistake and provide evidence of it.

During a visa interview, a lot of documentation is put in place. This is to ensure honesty, sincereity, morality, and trustworthiness are upheld during the process.

For instance, if you have indicated you receive a monthly salary of Ksh.20,000 and the bank slips show otherwise, be truthful and provide the correct salary slips to your interviewers. That way, you defend yourself while proving to the interviewers that you are honest and have integrity.


Just like any other interview, going for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or any other embassy requires you to be confident. Be smartly dressed and confident. By exuding confidence, you give an impression of readiness and knowledge.

It is also advised to smile and be honest during the interview. Do your research to understand the type of visa you have applied for. You can always use Google or YouTube to get your facts right on technical terms so that you are prepared. Relax; don’t look anxious or timid. To help you get ready and relax before your turn for the interview, go to the interview before time.

Additionally, try leaning in during the interview. This gives an impression of wanting to answer more questions and earn the favor of your interviewers as well. Maintain direct eye contact when responding to the questions, as this adds credibility on your end.

Be fast-paced and have good communication skills

Unlike most societies, Western culture is a high-pressure society. Their society is fast-paced, and they operate much more quickly based on their environment and expectations. Due to this, during a Q & A interview, you need to respond quickly to the questions.

Respond to questions using complete sentences. Avoid being timid or afraid. Speak up fluently and let your personality shine through in the interview room. Make people know who you are by using articulate and good communication skills.

Also, be conversational in your responses. It is wise that you are relaxed before entering the interview room to avoid panicking and not answering the questions well.

In conclusion, going to the embassy for a visa interview isn’t as hard as it sounds. Some of the common questions they will ask are: “What will you be doing in the country you intend to visit?”, “Tell us about previous visits to the country.”, and “What are your plans for when you return home after your program?”

All you have to do is enough research, be polite and honest, and pass the life-changing interview.

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